Titan: the submersible tragedy
All the details about the submersible that imploded near the Titanic wreck on Sunday June 18th // Published: June 24th 2023
Peru's former presidents prison compound
This 3d model depicts the Barbadillo compound, a two store building adapted to keep three former Peru's presidents imprisoned with different charges // Published: April 30th 2023
Centenary book of Basilica of Mary Help of Christians
This is my first three fold infographic. On one side there is a 3D cut away of the basilica and on the other a guide to the fine pieces of art all along the inner structure // Released on July 2021
Lima's City Hall
The city government building is located in the same place since the spaniards took over the Lima valley in the 16th century. Its architecture features had change since then many times, in this 3D infographic we explore the main transformations and the current palace that holds many old documents, paintings and furniture // Published: January 16th 2021
The Peruvian Literature's House: 10th anniversary
This cultural centre is a good example of the reuse of an antique train station as an open public space focused on the creative heritage, not only written but graphic too. This 3D infographic take the reader inside the facilities and shows its unique architectural features // Published: October 20th 2019
A palace for the people
This cut-away graphic explains the spaces that are available for visitors at the Government Palace, the residency and office of the peruvian president. // Co-author: Jean Izquierdo // Published: January 6th 2019.
Mochica banquet saloon
This season's new archaeological discovery unveils the way mochica people arranged political and commercial issues about 1700 years ago. This palace like structure was discovered by the same archaeologist that unburied the Lord of Sipan // Published: January 7th 2018
Lima's Grand National Theater
Five years ago, this great architectural masterpiece was opened to the public. Is one of the best venues to watch music concerts and dance performances, with a mechanized stage and great acoustic features it ensures a great experience for the audience // Published: July 16th 2017
Peruvian Navy's new polar oceanographic research vessel
BAP Carrasco is the new polar vessel builded in Spain for the Peruvian Navy. This ship have the ultimate technology and devices to explore the sea, its resources and geology // Published: April 29th 2017
New implant for aortic stenosis patients
This infographic explains the details of the new technique applied to the aortic stenosis patients that gives them a replacement valve made with bovine pericardial tissue and nitinol wire frame// Published: March 3th 2017
Lima's Central Post Office Building
This 3d infographic explores the evolution of one of the Lima's most iconic buildings for more than a century. Currently this is the House of the Peruvian Gastronomy, a place where our worldwide recognized art is in display for the public // Published: January 29th 2017.
470 years of Saint Francis Monastery
This infographic shows a look inside of one of the most visited places in Lima. It also reveals for the first time in more than four centuries the structure of its catacombs where nearly 25 thousand bodies are buried // Co-author: Jean Izquierdo // Published: October 2nd 2016.
Pancho Fierro and the evolution of costumbrism
A recent Lima's Art Museum's exhibition is displaying the early stages of the peruvian costumbrism art. Pancho Fierro is the main artist of this trend which depicts everyday life, mannerisms and customs, mostly painted in watercolor // Published: July 17th 2016
Acho's bullfighting arena: 250 anniversary
For two and a half centuries this bullfighting arena has been one of the most important venues for the fans of this activity called "fiesta brava". Is one of the oldest in the world and its doors still open.
Lima's Torre Tagle Palace
This graphic is about the peruvian balcony and the Torre Tagle palace which was the arquetipical house in the spanish conquerers time. The artistic trend was the barroque and mudejar // Published: January 17th 2016
This is how a peruvian retablo is made
This handcraft box with little sculptures is an ancient tradition in the peruvian Andes. These painted boxes display pre-Columbian and Catholic traditions mixed and also explain some of the social issues of the andean people. The following infographic shows the process and the materials used in this work // // Published: December 25th 2015.
From Europe's marginalization towards jihad
This infographic explains the process where certain young european men, mostly descendants of arab immigrants, involved themselves in jihadism // Co-author: Pedro Vega // Published: November 22th 2015.
Peruvian photography master Martin Chambi's workflow
All about the way Martin Chambi (1891-1973) took his photographs: his work process and his Photo Hall camera, the one he used to achieve his most iconic images // Published: October 24th 2015.
Inside Lima's Art Museum-MALI
The new display of Lima's Art Museum permanent collection. There you can find the new features, the enhanced structure and the rooms with the finest peruvian art pieces // Published: September 6th 2015.
Metro Map: Peruvian cumbia trends
For more than 50 years, cumbia music is the main soundtrack of the peruvian society and its transformations. This metro map explains the different roots of the cumbia artists and bands // Published: July 27th 2015.
Peruvian Hairless Dog Day
Every june 12th in Peru we celebrate de anniversary of the international aceptance of our own dog breed signed in 1985 in Belgium // Published: June 12th 2015.
Traumatic brain injury and the sling technique
A police officer died from a traumatic brain injury caused by a stone thrown by a sling in the middle of a anti-mining industry strike in the South of Peru // Published: May 10th 2015.
Lima's Cathedral: A story in every corner
480 years since the beginning of its construction, Lima's Cathedral is one of the oldest expression of religious power in Latin America // Published: April 3rd 2015.
Charlie Hebdo attack: Islamic extremism strikes Paris
This breaking news graphic explains the early versions about the Charlie Hebdo's offices attack by islamic extremists in Paris // Published: January 8th 2015.
The peruvian navy force's AOR ship "Tacna"
This ship is going to be transfered from the Royal Netherlands Navy to the Peruvian Naval Force. This graphic explains the most important features of this ship // Published: December 28th 2014.
25 years of the Berlin wall fall
All about the construction of the Berlin wall commemorating 25 years of the fall of the East German communist regime // Co-author: Pedro Vega // Published: November 9th 2014.
First World War: 100 years
Double page infographic about the centennial of the start of the First World War // Co-author: Pedro Vega // Published: July 27th 2014.
D-Day: 70 years
Infographic page about the D-Day in the Second World War // Co-author: Pedro Vega // Published June 1st 2014.
A home for the news: 175 years of El Comercio
A double standard page infographic about the building where the newspaper El Comercio is made since 1924, cellebrating its 175 years of foundation. On the infographic you can see the old way of doing peruvian newspapers in the early 1930s // Co-author: Pedro Vega // Published: May 4th 2014.
The volcanoes from south Peru
All about the volcanoes in the south of peruvian Andes // Published: April 6th 2014.
Ukraine: A history marked by division
All about the old and the current divided scenario in Ukraine // Co-author: Víctor Aguilar // Published: Mach 8th 2014
Lima: The old walled village
Infographic about the Lima's old wall built to protect it from pirate attacks . It was demolished in the nineteenth century // Published: January 18th 2014
National Stadium's new light system
The new Lima's National Stadium led light system
Lima's urban evolution
Lima was a important settlement with a lot of wealth and resources in pre columbian times and became the major city in America during the spanish colonial era. This infographic shows the most significant changes in urbanism until the 20th century // Published: January 20th 2013.
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